About us

NORDIC TISSUE® is a new Swedish brand, founded in year 2015, which stands for quality and concern for the environment.
We offer FSC® - certified and chlorinefree paper tissues. The boxes are made of recycled paper.

We love these tissues and the goal is that our customers will discover the convenience of tissues in a box and that they will use at least one box in their home, preferably one in each room, always at reach.
There is a box for every style and room!

CEO and Founder

Founder and CEO of NORDIC TISSUE® ,
Linda Brüdigam herself chose to create the product she was looking for in Sweden.

After a few years, living in the United States in my younger days, I became very fond of all the facial tissues in a box that were available everywhere. It was common with at least one tissuebox in every home, sometimes even one in each room. These tissues fill a practical function, wiping small noses or tears and for other care.

In Sweden, the access of facial tissues in box are very limited, and those available on the market, have unfortunately very boring motifs. That is why I created NORDIC TISSUE®, both with the practical function but with a nice and attractive design that is also suitable as an interior detail. 

I think it's important to have quality and a responsible forestry, therefore, tissues are FSC® certified.
FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council stands for responsible forest management that are considerate for people, animals and the environment. Tissues are chlorine free. The carton/box is made of recycled paper.


/Linda Brüdigam

For the first time the boxes were presented at Formex Fair in Stockholm Sweden in August 2016!